Joseph Delaney

After completing my three years training in Leeds at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, I was very fortunate to be offered the Apprenticeship with Motionhouse. The last few months I have been working with them and developing new skills, for example being taught how to use their Captive set. This has really pushed me out of my comfort zone but now I’m hanging upside down whilst partnering someone, with a smile on my face!

Before I ventured onto the CAT scheme, I was 13 when I took part for the first year of the all boys dance project STRIDE. This was set up by Company Chameleon and was my first ever experience of Contemporary Dance. Learning that my body can actually move!

The first time I stepped into the stunning space of Studio3 overlooking the Salford quays and the Imperial War Museum. I was told for the first time what a tendu was. This was my introduction too technique. Every Wednesday would include a Contemporary Technique Class which would involve floor work and a mixture of Cunningham and Release. We would then move into a Creative class, where we would learn different ways to create movement and I don’t think I will ever forget the meaning of topography. Each Saturday would start with a Ballet class, which each week would get harder and harder and looking back at my training at NSCD we were doing things that were insanely hard but still managing to get the function of the movement. We would then have a Cotemporary Class which always evolved and made it challenging but really fun to be in. Alongside all of this we would have Fitness and Contextual Studies.

If I had the chance to say to anyone who’s thinking to join the CAT scheme, JUST DO IT! Now being in the dance world and growing up in it, the CAT scheme is the best gateway into the dance world. It sets you off such a young age and gives you the tools to take on this crazy ever evolving world. It will be the best decision you make whether you want to carry on dancing or move onto to something else late in life.

10 January 2017