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Welcome to National Dance CATs

Professional training for young people

National Dance Centres for Advanced Training (CATs) identify children with exceptional potential in dance and develop their talent through pioneering programmes; creating and inspiring future generations of world class dancers and choreographers.  Through the national provision of highly specialised training for young people, we cultivate artists at a critical stage in their development, in order to prepare them for entry into the world’s leading vocational dance schools and onto successful and rewarding careers in the arts.

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I auditioned for the Advanced Training Programme at Dance City in the Spring of 2005. The audition didn't go too well and I wasn't offered a place at first. However, I emailed to thank Dance City for the opportunity and told them I was going to dance anyway. This must have ticked a box as I shortly got a letter offering me a place. Lesson one, never give up! The training at the Academy was fun but challenging and really encouraged me to reach my full potential.

Dance City CAT graduate, currently training at London Contemporary Dance School