The scheme is devised to prepare young dance artists for full-time professional dance training, university or to go straight into the dance profession and includes tuition in five key areas:

  • Dance Technique
  • Creative dance and choreography
  • Performance
  • Dancers’ health and wellbeing
  • Cultural activities such as theatre and gallery trips, workshops and volunteering opportunities

The curriculum is intended to give students a strong basic grounding in technical and creative skills, as well as an introduction to the wider dance profession.

One student is in the middle of a circle of other students, they are being helped by a teacher whilst in a tilted position. The students have a variety of dance clothes on, in white, black, grey and pink.

Classes take place at the host organisation; some schemes also offer satellite classes within their regions especially the South Asian and Street Dance strands. Please look at the ‘Your Nearest Dance CAT’ to find out more information and for links to the hosts own website.

All students also take part in intensive projects which may take place over a weekend, Easter and summer holiday workshops, often with leading British and international dance artists.

All students receive an Individual Training Plan (ITP) to aid their development and highlight personal goals and needs.  The scheme is delivered outside of school time and every effort is made to encourage a healthy balance between academic work, dance training and normal life. In certain circumstances it is possible to tailor a more individualised programme for those who may have difficulty travelling to one of the Dance CAT classes during the week.


My name is Vidya Patel, I am a Kathak dancer and an alumnus of Centre of Advanced Training at Birmingham DanceXchange. After sixth form I decided to take a gap year to focus on dance and ever since I’ve continued to embark on the journey of a freelance dancer trying to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way. I am based in Birmingham but regularly travel to London to learn with my Kathak guru Sujata Banerjee. In my gap year after successfully entering the South Asian Category…