The collective aim of the scheme is:

Funded by the Department for Education Music and Dance Scheme, CATs exist to help identify, and assist, children with exceptional potential, regardless of their personal circumstances, to benefit from world-class specialist training as part of a broad and balanced education. This will enable them, if they choose to proceed towards self-sustaining careers in music and dance.


National Centres for Advanced Training in Dance

Since its inception in 2004 the National Centres of Advanced Training in Dance (also known as CAT schemes) have been engaging young dancers across the country. The schemes provide young people aged 10 – 18 years with accessible and inspirational dance training. Successful applicants are able to access highly specialist dance training in their locality, whilst continuing to live at home. This allows students to benefit from a broad and balanced education.

Centres are pioneers in prevocational training and research, promoting best practice and providing exceptional and innovative tuition to young people, regardless of their personal circumstances (please see Music and Dance Scheme Funding below).

They operate from host organisations recognised for their excellence and commitment to the arts and vocational training. Each partner is unique in their delivery of the scheme some embracing Contemporary Dance whilst others focus on Ballet, Circus Arts, South Asian Dance and Street Dance as their main technique.

The CATs are: