Where we are based:

Leeds – Covering West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Age Range:

For young people aged between 10-17 years

Core Curriculum:

The Academy of Northern Ballet is the only Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) to specialise in classical ballet training. Based in Leeds City Centre, students of the Academy have the unique advantage of sharing flag ship facilities with a renowned company. This also opens opportunities for mentoring and unique possibilities to work with, train alongside and gain invaluable insight from successful professional dancers.

Lower level students attend a minimum of two week days and one full Saturday. Upper level students will then increase this timetable with up to two additional weekly classes. Classes focus on classical ballet technique in the Ichino Method. Emphasis is placed on strength, alignment and anatomy to create strong and intelligent dancers. Students also focus on pointe work, creative sessions, jazz, variations and weekly classes in contemporary technique and Pilates. Alongside these weekly classes students enhance their training with sessions in drama, music and theoretical dance studies. Throughout the year Intensives are held to focus on various styles, workshops and choreography. Together, these aspects of training work to develop strong dancers with clean technique, performance ability and artistry.

Alongside our intensive training, students reap the benefits of living at home and attending their regular academic schools. With our focus on this balance students gain confidence and are able to work towards achieving their best.

If you would like to know more about the Academy of Northern Ballet’s Centre for Advanced Training programme then we encourage you to attend our CAT specific open day. No previous experience required.

Open Days and Auditions:

Open Day
Our 2017 open day will be held at Northern Ballet on January 28th 2017. This experience will last for a full day and is split with a boys only /girls only session.  We will offer potential students the chance to watch a company class, participate in a taster CAT class and enhancement session. Parents are encouraged to watch all classes and there will be an opportunity to ask questions to the CAT team at the end of the day.

How to book
To book onto our CAT open day please email academy@northernballet.com or call us on 0113 220 8000. Our open days are free of charge.

To audition for our CAT programme then head to our website and download an audition application: https://northernballet.com/academy/application

Yasmin Delves

Centre for Advanced Training Manager

Northern Ballet
Quarry Hill,
Leeds, LS2 7PA

0113 220 8000

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