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Annie is wearing a grey oversized suit. They are balanced with their back bent backwards and their heels just raised of the ground. They are against a grey concrete backdrop with red painted stripes.
Annie-Rose Grantham
8 June 2020
Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Centre for Advanced Training
I gained a place on the CAT scheme in 2012 where I trained for 3 years, gaining knowledge that I still use today …
Hayley, a dancer in a black leotard is standing on a black stage. Blue light is shining on them. They are in a striking poised position. They are stood on one raised leg, the other is bent behind their front leg and is pointed sharply upwards. One arm is bent behind their back and their fingers are splayed outwards. The other arm is raised overhead and bent behind their head, with their fingers splayed outwards.
7 May 2020
Dance City Centre for Advanced Training – Contemporary
Hayley Walker was a Dance City CAT Student from 2011 – 2015 graduating at 16 to join the Rambert School of Ballet …
This is a black and white headshot photo of Reece. They are wearing a white shirt. They have a serious expression and are looking directly at the camera.
5 May 2020
DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training
Reece Calver joined the DanceEast Centre for Advanced Training in 2009 when he was 13. During his time on the CAT …
Anna is in a dance studio in ballet class. Their arms are raised overhead in 5th position.
14 February 2019
Academy of Northern Ballet
Anna Williams joined the Centre for Advanced Training programme at the Academy of Northern Ballet in 2011, when she …
Christian is performing on a high street. A group of people are watching them dance. They are wearing casual clothes.
5 February 2019
FABRIC Centre for Advanced Training, Yuva Gati
Christian Griffin joined the DanceXchange CAT (contemporary strand) in 2015. How did you discover the CAT scheme? …
Kieran is sat on some concrete steps in dappled sunshine. He is smiling at the camera and is wearing casual clothes.
3 January 2019
Swindon Dance Centre for Advanced Training, Swindon Ballet, Swindon Contemporary and Swindon Street Dance Programmes
Kieran Warner joined the Centre for Advanced Training Urban strand in 2010 and worked with artists such as Borrke …
Photo by Jack Thomson Sharol is performing on a black stage with a black background. They are in the middle of a dynamic movement, with their right leg dramatically stepping over their left leg. They are wearing a split skirt that emphasises the movement of their legs.
3 January 2019
Swindon Dance Centre for Advanced Training, Exeter Contemporary and Exeter Street Dance Programmes
Sharol Mackenzie joined the Centre for Advanced Training programme at Swindon Dance- Exeter Contemporary programme …
Matthew is performing on a black stage. Behind him are 4 tall upright lights that are reflecting lines of light on the stage. They are standing on one leg with the other leg raised high in the air above their head. Their arms are outstretched in long straight lines.
21 December 2018
The Lowry, Centre for Advanced Training
Matthew Rawcliffe attended The Lowry Centre for Advanced Training from the age of 15, and is now in his second year …
Photo by Liam Croucher Willow is hanging in the splits from red silks that are attached to a high metal rig. They are performing at night time outdoors. Behind them are large buildings dramatically lit by purple light.
19 December 2018
National Centre for Circus Arts
Willow Saville- Hippely joined the National Centre for Circus Arts CAT in 2016, aged 13. During her time on CAT she …